Student Visas for Britons in US Hit Seven-year Low Under Donald Trump Administration

April 11th, 2018

During 2017, the number of international students who successfully obtained the US visa has declined. According to a report by The Sunday Telegraph, 16% fewer foreign students were able to get a US visa. It was also highlighted that 6% less British students succeeded in getting a visa to the US. The number of students who obtained the US visa dropped from 4,753 in 2016 to 4,470 in 2017.

During the Obama Presidency, the number of Britons visiting the US for study increased. However, the number started falling during the last year of his presidency, and continue to fall under the current government.

The climate created under the Trump Administration is the reason why a decreased number of Britons are willing to study in the US. The ongoing political debates on immigration in the US could make studying in the US less desirable.

There were no changes made to the F-1 student visa. However, the number of foreign students studying and working in the US will further decrease during the Trump government. The restrictions on foreign students to work in the US can be a discouraging element.

The State Department Spokesperson told the Sunday Telegraph that the US government wants the foreign students to continue to apply for the study visa if they have plans to study in the US. Nevertheless, the number of students in the US hit the lowest over the last 7 years.

According to many experts. in the presence of an unwelcoming environment, it would be difficult to attract foreign students to apply and study in the US. More than one million foreign students are currently in the US. However, this number is likely to decrease in the coming years.

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