US Immigration Process – Information on US Residence

All You Need To Know About US Immigration Process

Many people visit the United States for various purposes. There are numerous employment opportunities in the country and this is probably the reason why so many people want to seek permanent residency in the country. There are two ways you can visit the United States:

  • Visit the country for a temporary visit
  • Or go to the U.S. for permanent residence

People who make a temporary visit to the U.S. has to return to their home country once their visa expires. Family, tourism, business are the reasons why people visit the U.S. temporarily. If you want to visit the U.S. for these purposes, you need a non-immigrant visa. You can reach out to the U.S. embassy in your country to seek a visa.

There are some requirements that you need to fulfill in order to start the process. Whether you want to live in the U.S. permanently or make a temporary visit, you need a visa. In case you’re seeking permanent residence, you need a U.S immigrant visa. This article will discuss the U.S immigration process in detail:

Can You Stay In the U.S. Permanently?

If you get a U.S. immigrant visa, you would be able to stay in the U.S. permanently. When you enter the country with an immigrant visa, you don’t have to go back to your home country after that. You can seek permanent residence and get a job in the country. So far as U.S. immigrant visa is concerned, we can divide it into four different categories:

  1. U.S. Immigrant Family-Sponsored Visas

This visa allows a person to move to the U.S. to join their family in the country. You can obtain this visa if you want to live with your parents, spouse, or children.

  1. U.S. Immigrant Employment-Sponsored Visa

As the name suggests, an employment-based immigrant visa means that a company in the United States sponsors someone who is a resident of a foreign country.

  1. Diversity Immigrant Visa

People selected for diversity immigration visa can go to the U.S. to live permanently. There are some requirements to participate in this program to seek a diversity visa.

  1. U.S. Returning Resident Visa

Returning resident visa is given to those who had a U.S. immigrant visa in the past but they left the country and didn’t come back within the allowed time period. As a result, their immigrant visa expires. The U.S. returning visa allows those people to renew their immigrant visa and move to the country again.  

There is a waiting time no matter what category of visa you’re applying for. Some types of U.S. visas are in high demand and the application process may take years to conclude. Visas that are not in high demand are likely to be processed in a few months.

The U.S. permanent residence is also called a U.S. green card. Once you enter the U.S. after getting an immigrant visa, you’ll get the green card through the mail. After that, you can live in the country as long as you want and find a job. You’ll be allowed to travel to other countries and stay there for a specific period of time. Moreover, you can marry and have children. You can become a U.S. citizen after meeting some requirements.

U.S. Immigration Forms

There are several U.S. immigration visa forms that you need to fill out and submit depending on the visa category you’re applying for. As a part of the process, someone in the United States must file a petition to the USCIS on your behalf. The nature of petitions can vary from case to case. However, the purpose of filing the petition is to seek approval from the U.S. government. The process to file the petition also involves fees. The following are some of the popular forms that people need to complete and submit:

Form I-129, Petition for Alien Fiance

A U.S. citizen who is engaged to someone from a foreign country needs to file the Form I-129 on the behalf of the visa applicant. The U.S. government will authorize the visa so that the couple can live together in the U.S. permanently.

Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative

The Form I-130 is filed by a family member of the visa applicant residing in the United States. The purpose of filing Form I-130 is to get government approval allowing a family member to come to the U.S. The form is only used for family-sponsored immigration visa which is reserved for parents, spouses, and children.

What is Form I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker?

Form I-140 is filed by the employer who wants to hire someone from a foreign country. If you get a job in the U.S., your employer will submit Form I-140 describing why you should be given an immigrant visa so that you can work and live in the U.S. permanently.

What is Form I-526, Immigrant Petition by Alien Entrepreneur?

Form I-526 is for those who want to invest in the United States in order to get an immigrant visa. If you want to get an investor visa, you have to invest a certain amount of money ranging from $500,000 to $1 million. However, before you invest, you need to file Form I-526 to seek permission from the U.S. government to invest.

What is Form I-800A, Determination of Suitability to Adopt a Child from a Convention Country?

There are many couples in the United States who wish to adopt a child from a foreign country. If you’re a U.S. citizen and want to adopt a child that belongs to a foreign country, you need to go through a lengthy process which starts from filing the Form I-800A. After you file the form, the U.S. government will determine whether or not the couple qualifies to adopt a child.

What is Form DS-260, Immigrant Visa Electronic Application?

People who’re applying for a U.S. immigration visa, no matter the category, must submit the Form DS-260 to the local U.S. Embassy. The U.S. government has an online application portal in place for those seeking a U.S. visa.

When submitting Form DS-260, you need to provide your basic information that may include your name, address, employment, and education record, family information, etc. You’ll also mention what type of immigrant visa you want to obtain and the reason why you want the visa.

When someone submits this form, he/she receives a confirmation page and number which should be saved for future references.

How to Find U.S Immigration Services?

Applying for a U.S. immigrant visa involves a considerably lengthy process as the applicant has to go through various institutions and services to complete the process. The institutions or services you may need to visit include:

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) – It’s the institution where the petitioner submits the petition form. USCIS administers the country’s naturalization and immigration system.

U.S. State Department – A visa application can go through this institute for scrutiny.  

National Visa Center (NVC) – This institute usually goes through the approved petition and send the applicant an informative package explaining what the applicant should do next.

U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) – The companies seeking labor certification in order to hire a foreign employee need to reach DOL.

Local U.S. Embassy – This is where you submit the final visa application with all the necessary documents and undergo the visa interview. This step comes after your documents and petition have been approved.

It can be a lengthy and complicated process to apply for a U.S. immigrant visa. This is why the visa applicants must understand what it takes to complete the process or how to apply. There are lawyer offices and visa centers which help people complete and process their visa applications in return of their fee. Plenty of U.S. immigrant visa applicants prefer to consult a visa center or a lawyer due to the long and complicated process. If you need professional assistance, feel free to contact Visa Help!